Saturday, May 17, 2008

Humdilila Allah Jehova Yaweh Dios Maat Jah, Rastafari!

I long to stay awake... searching for this beautiful world... peace... searching within and without...

I find ways to keep Divinity in my consciousness, to keep my path illuminated at this time. The time of lingering in shadows in done for now. It's time to step out from underneath the shady Pine and step into the Sun... Vitamin D is essential.

I talked to my sisterhomiefriend Chantal today. She's been in Morocco for some time now, so we spoke over the internet phone system called Skype, which was delightful because I got to look at her while we spoke. Stellar. It was so enriching to speak with her, to feel full, post conversation, to speak to someone who is much more interested in giving energy to me, giving me a space to release and share and be filled. She is my cup. The sun shines again.

And I have been learning and growing like a toddler. How to speak my mother's language. How to honor myself. How to miss my family (Windsor Tribe) while still remaining in my joy.

I have longed to be this awake.

Erykah Badu's latest has been feeding me. Activating my chakras with 'The Healer', and I think I channeled J Dilla while listening to 'Telephone'... music is amazing.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Secrecy Breeds Depravity

...and this is only in the high school Kappa League...

What the fuck are we doing? I know a lot of people may get mad at this post, and for different reasons. To that I say, yes! Become enraged, outraged, fucking grossed out (I almost threw up myself). After that I ask you to ask yourself; what would you sacrifice to be accepted? Amongst your peers? By your parents? By your children? Spouse or significant other? How low into the depths of humanity would you stoop?

I will never look at a Black Greek with the same eyes. Even the term 'Black Greek' is problematic to me. Greece? Really? I mean... This is not our tradition. Look at this shit, that's some European ass shit if I've ever seen it, like a fair skinned Jesus. Give me a fucking break.

Does it solidify one's manhood to let another man shove a red and white striped cane up his rectum while he masturbates, or allow another man to ejaculate on his face? Does it make you my brother to allow you to rape me with a stick? Does the fact the two women are forced to perform cunnilingus on one another make them sisters? Can this really be rationalized? Fuck hazing, this is more significant than hazing. This is self degredation at its finest. We don't know our language, so we use theirs. We dont know our traditions, so we adapt theirs. We dont know our 'God,' so we worship theirs.

Conformity at its scariest.

As a former Woman of Spelman, I am no stranger to strange initiation tactics. Being awakened (along with the rest of the freshman class) from a deep slumber in the dead of night to walk in circles for hours singing the school's hymn (which was written in the 1930's from a very Christian perspective), I rubbed the girlhood from my eyes and awoke to a reality: people give a shit about fitting in... a lot. People will die for that shit... Needless to say, I didn't last very long at Spelman. I just couldnt understand why I had to do certain things to be a part of this group. I was already paying $27,000 a year to do that.

How do I look at these reflections of myself without a frown. All proud and skee-weeing and whatnot. I understand that people need something to be a part of, but that shit, that Greek shit, just feels void of light at the root. I mean... Ancient Greece was a demoralized mockery of Ancient Afrikan traditions and empires (if you ask me). So what the fuck sense does it make for Afrikans to be on some Greek shit? Use your own fucking history and traditions to unify. Learn the Kemetic alphabet. Who is Maat? Where do your people come from? ...Not Texas or Alabama, but before that? My people come from Haiti and West Africa; what the fuck business do I have being involved in some self-degrading Greek shit? Your ancestors frown.

What cloaks it in darkness is the secrecy. When something refuses to be illuminated, I always question its motive. Secrets are a necessary part of human existence (and created only to be exposed), however secrecy and percieved power in it breeds all kinds of darkness that remains untapped in the light.
Let's use 'This Thing of Ours' as a prime example. '2TO' was a secret society (akin to the great Skull and Bones) that thrived and fell at Morehouse College during my tenure at Spelman. There were allegations of plans to defraud a charity organization, rigged campus elections and pagents, hazing, and things of the like. People don't form secret societies to spread light and love unnamed, they form them to do dirt in darkness. Interstingly, the 'Black Skull and Bones' held no real power in the city, state, or nation, as their muse organization did/does. They were inflitrated, disbanded, and humiliated; for all things done in darkness will be illuminated. (How do you think I got this picture?)
One final point in my rant, or call it a call for truth and honor: people, Black people, what the fuck are you doing? Learn your history and traditions so that you won't lose yourselves in the warped traditions of other peoples. (What is Christmas really about?) Become self-aware, not self-degrading. What did you have to do for those letters, and what do they really mean? Look to the Motherland for guidance, not fucking Greece.
That is all.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Nectar Sips, Missed Flights, and Muffled Moans

I am not the same person this evening that I was this morning...and how can I even write these words without thinking of what she would think if she knew I was even thinking about writing these words. I am frustrated. Muzzled. I am beginning to appear unfamiliar to myself. I must return to center. That's what this trip is about, I guess.

I caught a flight home to Milwaukee today. Even after missing my 6:50am flight, I had the most smooth, hassle-free, relaxing traveling experience that I've ever had. Everyone was kind and accommodating, people smiled and chatted with me under the mistaken assumption that I was a seasoned musician (They saw me carrying my guitar, Tony). Why is it that when people see me with an instrument, or writing, they feel entitled to a free concert or reading?

Anyway, I flew in over The Great Lake that my little city sits on around one o'clock pm. I am here, but I am still in Atlanta. It's weird...

Friday, May 9, 2008

To Love...

The Ten of Cups:
feeling joy
embracing happiness
having a sense of well-being
radiating love
delighting in good fortune
counting your blessings
expressing delight

enjoying peace
experiencing serenity
doing away with hostilities
restoring harmony
reducing stress and tension
feeling contented and at ease
calling a truce

looking to the family
working for peace in the home
going on a family event
reaffirming a family commitment
supporting a relative in need
bonding with family members
forgiving someone in the family

This is where I am, the space that I sit in, what covers me. Today has as yet been so divine for me, mostly experienced through the joy experienced by the people around me that I love. I had two self-inflicted orgasms today, which was so thrilling. I almost forgot what it was like to pleasure myself, touch my own breasts. I haven't been masturbating much lately, I've been so outwardly focused as far as pleasure is concerned. I have returned to that place of pleasure and joy in myself, and that is when I am most fulfilled. I really just want to mention how great of an orgasm I had today in the shower. Whether or not it is crass to do so, I feel that it must be shouted from the rooftops, because it was so amazing. It took seven minutes, hot water, and one vibrator. The D, the D, the D... (Duracell)... There's a poem brewing...


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Orange Geisha

On the fifth day of May I was bathed and baptized beneath the spout of an orange waterfall. I sat in Oshun. I walked through her sweet waters, gave her candy and honey, left a piece of myself with her...

There is this forest on Cascade Rd. that has this magical waterfall. I went there for the first time with my wise orange wild haired sister, and my tormented possessed mask wearing sister. That was another time. This time I went with my roommate, my sister of ... I'm still trying to figure that out, but she's my sister in Oshun. I brought with me an orange journal that I was instructed to burn. It was filled with poetry, sappy love poems written about the last man I dated. I hated how it felt to read them, so I had kept it in a crate in my room, never to be disturbed. Then I was told that I should do a ritual with the help of Oshun, burning the journal, setting me free.

Turns out, the ritual itself was about so much more than releasing him. It was about embracing her, and by 'her' I mean me.

I thought that I would burn the journal to a crispy ash, but it was very resistant to the flame. The paper was very thick in the beautifully bound, hand crafted journal, I hated to burn it. The embers lingered as the wind blew the flames out each time. Thick smoke stretched up to the sky like longing fingers, burning my eyes, causing rivers to flow.

Alone, I was instructed to tear out the pages with the most pain-filled writings and torch them completely. I then submerged what was left of the burning smoking journal into the fallen water, and spoke with the entities that had been guiding me; there were five of them.

I sat next to my sister on an orange mat on a rock in the middle of the waterfall and wiped the tears from my eyes. As I began to write, I felt waves of pleasure moving throughout my body. I smiled, I jumped, I divined, I prayed, I loved myself so hard.

More self cultivation in conjunction with meditation is now needed.


Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Facebook Fantasy Lives

Okay. So I was down with facebook way back when Tom was running it, way back when it was something special for college students, way back before everybody and their momma had a page, before celebrity pages and fan pages. Ahhh.. the nostalgia gets me every time.

Now I find myself fed up with the endless nonsense facilitated by facebook. It's like fucking spam. I continually reach this brink, seconds away from closing my facebook account, at least once a week. Then I think about the people who may only contact me through this means, the marketing potential, and I chicken out.

I see people using their status reports, relationship statuses, quotes, etc. to relay certain messages. "I'm cool" "I'm original" "I'm gay" "I'm liked and accepted" or whatever. Backhanded comments indirectly shot at folks like daggers through status updates. Cowardly love notes. The fucking internet is enriching and simultaneously ruining my life... Alright, maybe not ruining, but def making more interesting... No more hiding behind profiles and playlists and "about me" sections. Fuck. Connect, people.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Yellow Sneakers

I'm not really sure how I got to this place. I speak to the development of my relationship with myself, as well as my relationships with others. It is so uncanny to me that I, the one who was such an "uncool" girl in junior high school and the beginning of high school, am now... who I am. I mean, I'm still weird and awkward, but being that I have accepted those attributes and others as valuable, others seem to follow suit and recognize my value as well.

And some are still clueless.

Like there is this one girl, woman? No, girl... there's this girl that I am mildly interested in who shall remain unnamed... I saw her at a club, but knew her previously through various interrelated relationships. Being who and how I am, I did not approach her on some flirtatious shit, smiling in her face, pressing my ass against her, hoping to solidify her interest in me... not my steelo, I'm no dick rider. I could sense that she might have been filled with her own essence, beginning to spill over... and I did nothing for her ego... I didn't speak to her with words, I spoke with my eyes... gestures... vibrations... I could sense that her ego may have been bruised, so I sent her an electronic love note... to which she responded with disrespect and egotism. (Which is why I am only mildly interested at this point.) I should have never fed the goblin. (More on the goblin in the future.) It will be interesting to see how she responds to me if/when I see her again... maybe at a certain party this Friday... Perhaps I'll dance with her this time. :-)


Monday, May 5, 2008

Jarring Jimi Justifications

There is so much happening in my world all at once, difficult to deal with all in one mixing bowl, so I find myself compartmentalizing. Usually I allow my peas to play with the mac and cheese and the juice from the greens to seep into my cornbread on my plate of life. I feel a need to restore order, focus, Onyx attributes.

My sister will be delivering my first nephew/godson in a few short weeks. I must put myself in this wisdom-holding place, wisdom-gathering too.

I'll be traveling this weekend, back home is what I call it now. Back to the womb that birthed me. My mother-town. Milwaukee. I am always lavished with love when I go there.

I am so saturated with sisterhood. I am in love with myself, my woman, my womb, my curves. I am honored by and grateful for all of the beautiful ways that this is being manifested before me. Even the judgments and separation are only the lingering parts of myself that cling for dear life, like energetic hooks in my aura... I release you.

I am in love with life, and her, and everything that I am working for right now.

I am excited about where my writing is going. Where I'm going.

You don't know me, but I have this greatness and power and prowess that you may or may not understand. That's okay. But that doesn't make me lame, it makes you lame, for I am only you reflected back to yourself for you to see.