Monday, May 5, 2008

Jarring Jimi Justifications

There is so much happening in my world all at once, difficult to deal with all in one mixing bowl, so I find myself compartmentalizing. Usually I allow my peas to play with the mac and cheese and the juice from the greens to seep into my cornbread on my plate of life. I feel a need to restore order, focus, Onyx attributes.

My sister will be delivering my first nephew/godson in a few short weeks. I must put myself in this wisdom-holding place, wisdom-gathering too.

I'll be traveling this weekend, back home is what I call it now. Back to the womb that birthed me. My mother-town. Milwaukee. I am always lavished with love when I go there.

I am so saturated with sisterhood. I am in love with myself, my woman, my womb, my curves. I am honored by and grateful for all of the beautiful ways that this is being manifested before me. Even the judgments and separation are only the lingering parts of myself that cling for dear life, like energetic hooks in my aura... I release you.

I am in love with life, and her, and everything that I am working for right now.

I am excited about where my writing is going. Where I'm going.

You don't know me, but I have this greatness and power and prowess that you may or may not understand. That's okay. But that doesn't make me lame, it makes you lame, for I am only you reflected back to yourself for you to see.

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