Friday, May 9, 2008

To Love...

The Ten of Cups:
feeling joy
embracing happiness
having a sense of well-being
radiating love
delighting in good fortune
counting your blessings
expressing delight

enjoying peace
experiencing serenity
doing away with hostilities
restoring harmony
reducing stress and tension
feeling contented and at ease
calling a truce

looking to the family
working for peace in the home
going on a family event
reaffirming a family commitment
supporting a relative in need
bonding with family members
forgiving someone in the family

This is where I am, the space that I sit in, what covers me. Today has as yet been so divine for me, mostly experienced through the joy experienced by the people around me that I love. I had two self-inflicted orgasms today, which was so thrilling. I almost forgot what it was like to pleasure myself, touch my own breasts. I haven't been masturbating much lately, I've been so outwardly focused as far as pleasure is concerned. I have returned to that place of pleasure and joy in myself, and that is when I am most fulfilled. I really just want to mention how great of an orgasm I had today in the shower. Whether or not it is crass to do so, I feel that it must be shouted from the rooftops, because it was so amazing. It took seven minutes, hot water, and one vibrator. The D, the D, the D... (Duracell)... There's a poem brewing...


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