Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Facebook Fantasy Lives

Okay. So I was down with facebook way back when Tom was running it, way back when it was something special for college students, way back before everybody and their momma had a page, before celebrity pages and fan pages. Ahhh.. the nostalgia gets me every time.

Now I find myself fed up with the endless nonsense facilitated by facebook. It's like fucking spam. I continually reach this brink, seconds away from closing my facebook account, at least once a week. Then I think about the people who may only contact me through this means, the marketing potential, and I chicken out.

I see people using their status reports, relationship statuses, quotes, etc. to relay certain messages. "I'm cool" "I'm original" "I'm gay" "I'm liked and accepted" or whatever. Backhanded comments indirectly shot at folks like daggers through status updates. Cowardly love notes. The fucking internet is enriching and simultaneously ruining my life... Alright, maybe not ruining, but def making more interesting... No more hiding behind profiles and playlists and "about me" sections. Fuck. Connect, people.


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