Monday, May 12, 2008

Nectar Sips, Missed Flights, and Muffled Moans

I am not the same person this evening that I was this morning...and how can I even write these words without thinking of what she would think if she knew I was even thinking about writing these words. I am frustrated. Muzzled. I am beginning to appear unfamiliar to myself. I must return to center. That's what this trip is about, I guess.

I caught a flight home to Milwaukee today. Even after missing my 6:50am flight, I had the most smooth, hassle-free, relaxing traveling experience that I've ever had. Everyone was kind and accommodating, people smiled and chatted with me under the mistaken assumption that I was a seasoned musician (They saw me carrying my guitar, Tony). Why is it that when people see me with an instrument, or writing, they feel entitled to a free concert or reading?

Anyway, I flew in over The Great Lake that my little city sits on around one o'clock pm. I am here, but I am still in Atlanta. It's weird...

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