Saturday, May 17, 2008

Humdilila Allah Jehova Yaweh Dios Maat Jah, Rastafari!

I long to stay awake... searching for this beautiful world... peace... searching within and without...

I find ways to keep Divinity in my consciousness, to keep my path illuminated at this time. The time of lingering in shadows in done for now. It's time to step out from underneath the shady Pine and step into the Sun... Vitamin D is essential.

I talked to my sisterhomiefriend Chantal today. She's been in Morocco for some time now, so we spoke over the internet phone system called Skype, which was delightful because I got to look at her while we spoke. Stellar. It was so enriching to speak with her, to feel full, post conversation, to speak to someone who is much more interested in giving energy to me, giving me a space to release and share and be filled. She is my cup. The sun shines again.

And I have been learning and growing like a toddler. How to speak my mother's language. How to honor myself. How to miss my family (Windsor Tribe) while still remaining in my joy.

I have longed to be this awake.

Erykah Badu's latest has been feeding me. Activating my chakras with 'The Healer', and I think I channeled J Dilla while listening to 'Telephone'... music is amazing.

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